Foot Massage

The main objective of a certain massage is to relax the body. Just like the other parts of our body. Our feet also need to be pampered. Foot massage is a traditional way of relaxing. It is the ancient Chinese method of relaxing the body. After some years, foot massage is not just known for its relaxation purposes but also to its impact on health.

Health benefits

sxdasxIt can release body fatigue, improve body’s immune system by first improving the intestines, relieves aches and pains, speeds recovery time of wounds or injuries, prevent migraines, reduces depression, increases energy, boosts circulation, stimulates nerve function, treats sleep disorders, lowers blood pressure, faster recovery, and makes feet healthier.

Foot massage category

There are ways to give a foot massage. The first category is if you are the giver or the one doing the massage. This benefits you as it is very soothing. This will create a bonding and nurturing experience between you and your friend. The second category is that you are the receiver or the one being massaged, are you. This is an ideal category of all. This will relax your body, soothe your senses and relieves tensions in your toes, ankles, feet balls and soothe foot muscles. The third category is the one on one type which means both of you massage one another. In this category, you and your friend will benefit from giving and taking foot massage.

Foot massage technique

These helpful techniques will help you to give your friend a soothing foot massage. First, you stroke the top of the foot. Stroking the foot with a slow, firm, long stroking motion by using your thumb. Starting from the toes then all the way up to the ankle and then go back to the toes. Second, pull toes and squeeze. Start at the toe base and gently pull the toe and slide your fingers to the top and back to the base. Third, slide the toe. Slide your fingers between the toes to and fro for few times and then hold the foot behind the ankle and massage the heels. Fourth, rotate the ankles. Catch the foot ball with one hand and turn the foot to the ankle slowly in few times. It relaxes feet and loosens joints. Steadily hold one hand on the heel, behind the ankle to get the leg and foot.

Nowadays, a foot massage can be availed on any spa

azsxdfIt is mostly included in the package of any pedicure procedure. Find the best Reflexology clinic or spa centers that will completely relax you from your daily work and routines. Your feet carry you. It supports you on every activity that you make. It helps you to finish your daily errands too. It is best advised that your feet deserve a very good treat so as to relax its muscles. Makes it feel refreshed. A foot massage will be the most wonderful type of relaxation that you can give to your feet. After a good foot massage, you may want to consider giving your feet a new and comfortable pair of shoes or slippers. Your feet will love them.