Secret to a Healthy Skin


Everyone is two times more attractive when they have clear skin, and that is the fact that you can not deny. It matters a lot for your confidence as well when your skin is a smooth surface that feels soft when you put your palm on it. The secret to healthy skin is not complicated and rather simple.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun can be very harmful to our skin, in countries where they have a massive sun exposure every day throughout the year, skin cancer is one of the most significant health issues there. The dark pigmentation that forms after too much of playing under the sun can be cancerous, and you do not want any of that to happen. On a smaller scales, it will cause you to have more wrinkles when you get older and more skin problems like black head and cyst. The only way you can get away from wearing sunscreen is always to wear something to cover your entire body which is excruciatingly hot during the summer.

Use Body Lotion

skincareScratch your skin now gently using your nails and see if there is a white trail that is visible or not. If one occurs, that means your skin is dry at the moment and need some moisturizer so it can be supple and soft. Staying too long in an AC room at work and school is usually number one cause of dry skin. You might think that nothing is wrong with a little bit of dryness, but this can turn into flakes which can be another whole thing that might ruin your appearance. Besides, you would want to have a healthy skin rather than a sick one. You can wear body lotion every time you feel dry or after you step out of the shower.

Watch What You Eat and Exercise Regularly

healthy foodYour skin health depends a lot on what is happening on the inside as much as the outside. If you have tried everything you can to take care of it from the external point of view and you still wake up with pimples, then you need to evaluate what you have been eating lately. Eating sweets, sugar, chocolate, and especially oil is the number one cause of acne which no one wants on their body. You also need to sweat a lot every week, so your skin and pores can breathe, which will not happen if you do not exercise regularly. Look into foods that work wonder for your skin like oatmeal and anything with collagen in it.

Proper vaginal care during menopause


Women experience different symptoms during menopause such as sexual intercourse or vaginal dryness. This does not mean you are in any way celibate or doomed. During menopause, the symptoms that manifest within your vagina and vulva all narrow down to the hormones.


Perimenopause is the change which takes place just before you experience menopause. This condition manifests during your late 30s and is a clear indication that the estrogen-production days of your ovaries are in their final stretch. Once you reach menopause which is about 51 year’s estrogen production halts completely.


dhgdhjd874Estrogen is mainly responsible for keeping your vaginal walls lubricated. When the amount of this hormone begins to dip, you will feel totally dry. The tissues lining your vagina and vulva becomes much more delicate and thin. As your vagina becomes less elastic its diameter, depth, and opening shrink. The pH level becomes less acidic returning into levels only witnessed before striking puberty. The low acidity is responsible for discomfort, dryness, and painful sex. In as much as this might sound awful, there is a lot of help available.

Here are a few of the top remedies.

Vaginal Moisturizers

These vaginal moisturizers should not be confused with lubricants. You should use it frequently whether you are having sex or not. This greatly helps in moisturizing the area around your vaginal wall linings and skin once it’s absorbed into your skin. The moisturizers may be used either daily or weekly to reduce some of the symptoms such as burning, itching, dryness and irritation.


A moisturizer might turn out to be insufficient when becoming intimate. For extra comfort, you can use sex lubricants which are either oil-based, water-based or silicone-based.

One great pick is coconut oil which not only acts as a lubricant but an anti-fungal/antibacterial. However, they are inadvisable for use with latex condoms as this might cause them to break.

Local Estrogen


If the Over the Counter drugs are not giving you the satisfaction you seek you may opt for prescription vaginal estrogen which arrives in the form of an insert or cream. Careful application of estrogen results in pain relieves and dryness which is much safer than a hormone pill as it does not circulate through your bloodstream before it arrives at its destination.

Sexual Intercourse

In as much as the waning estrogen levels might contribute to falling moisture and blood flow to your vagina, sexual intercourse can reverse this. Regular sexual intercourse will prevent your vagina from tightening. You can read this for more tips on how you can restore the tightness of your vagina.