What are adult care facilities?


An adult care facility is an establishment where senior citizens who have challenges living on their own stay and get help from specialized caregivers. These senior citizens get assisted living either temporary or permanently. They receive health care and other forms of assistance. Residents also receive assistance in hair care, care of nails, bathing, dressing, and walking. Those on wheelchairs are also helped to move around. However, those who need specialized medical care should seek medical help from a specialized medical facility.

Who is legible to join adult care facilities?

2Senior citizens who find it difficult to live independently can join an adult care facility and get help performing several tasks. For instance, adults suffering from dementia and other age-related medical conditions can enroll for admission in adult care homes to get help in performing various activities. An adult suffering from dementia experiences memory lapse, reduced cognitive awareness and emotional problems, among other symptoms.

Though the disease is not life-threatening, it interferes with the normal functioning of the individual. A person suffering from this medical condition cannot live on his or her own. He or she needs help from a specialized senior care professional. Additionally, senior citizens having medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, developmental problems, HIV/AIDS and other medical conditions are eligible to join adult care facilities. Adult care facilities also house younger individuals with chronic mental illnesses.

What do adult care facilities do?

Adult care facilities offer several services to adults who are either disabled, sick or mentally challenged. They also get donations from well-wishers and the government and channel them to the senior citizens. When it comes to assisting the residents, adult care facilities make the lives of adults very easy in every aspect of the word.

Types of adult care facilities

There are various types of adult centers. Majorly, adult centers are categorized depending on the services provided, population served and size. For instance, there are fully-fledged adult care facilities which house more than 200 residents and about 50 staff members. These staff members provide 24-hour adult care services to the residents. There are smaller facilities which house less than 10 residents. The staff members of these adult care facilities can either be non-medical or medical. They have however been trained to provide specialized care to senior citizens.

Advantages of enrolling for admission in an adult care facility

3Adult care facilities help old people live longer. They help them overcome the challenges they face in day-to-day life. There are some people who prefer employing specialized caregivers at home. There are, however, several advantages of joining other senior citizens in an adult care facility. When senior citizens are brought together, their problems are easy to manage. It is the same story of a problem shared being half solved. They take meals together and perform several other activities together. Additionally, each one of them is attended to depending on his or her special needs. Some of the most common services provided to individuals include laundry, healthcare, medication, transportation and other activities.

Adult care homes are regulated by the department of health. They are monitored by the relevant authorities to ensure that they provide the services they are mandated to provide to senior citizens. They are therefore safe for any discerning senior citizen.