General compo rules

  • Creators must submit only their own original, unreleased work.
  • All entries shall be submitted in the form of a ZIP file with relevant filename which contains the file(s) for the competition entry, which MUST  contain a “README.TXT” containing both he name of the author/group submitting the entry as well as a name or title for the entry.
  • Remote entries should be uploaded to our partymeister system,, when it is live.
  • All remote entries must be received by Saturday, April 12th, 2013 5:00 PM Eastern
  • Submissions are also allowed on CD-ROM, flash drive, etc.  They must be clearly labeled (including title, author/group) before the deadline of a competition.
  • Deadline for party entries will be based on the compo.  See the specific compo rules for more information.
  • A written release must be provided from the copyright holder for any copyrighted material (including music, images, etc.) used.
  • All entries will be made publicly available for unlimited download without fee on internet file servers and web sites.
  • Any competition which has fewer than 3 contestants may be scrapped or rolled up into another category.
  • All Notacon/PixelJam participants, presenters, guests and staff are eligible to vote.
  • All competition entries will be qualified by a jury.
  • Jury members will be selected by the PixelJam organizers.
  • Juries reserve the right to disqualify any entry that either fails to abide by the rules or fails to run on the compo machine.  A majority vote of the jury is required to disqualify an entry.
  • Winning entries for each category  are selected by a popular vote point system. The three entries with the highest number of points will be awarded first, second and third place prizes, respectively, in a competition. Points are computed from the rankings on voter ballots.
  • In the event of a tie in the number of points, the jury for that competition will break the tie by a majority vote of the jurors.
  • Jurors may not preside over a competition they have entered.
  • At least one team member or creator of the work must be physically present at the competition in order to claim a prize.   If an entry is a group effort, any member of the group may serve as a representative.  For remote entries, rank will be recognized and honored, but prizes will shift down to the next place.
  • Prizes not awarded in a category are forfeit and may be awarded to winners in other categories.
  • Only one entry may be entered in each compo per artist/group/creator.
  • PixelJam organizers reserve the right to cancel or combine any competition for any reason.
  • These rules may be changed without notice.
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