Apr 182011

Sorry for not posting them sooner, but here are the winners and rankings for the inaugural PixelJam!


1st SpinTree Inspired Chaos/BLERX
2nd Feed me rltvty
3rd Shopping Accident jellyd
4tj I’m too sexy for this Con! tod
5th mmmmm comfy cleavage… the_kat

Freestyle Graphics

1st Fluted Wall, Capital Reef NP, Utah rltvty
2nd Resistance krüe


1st Ancient Ruins (Musical Notacon Badge) Luis Gonzalez & Blue Reverberance
2nd The BLERX BLOrgan and Pixel Jammer BLERX
3rd PK4A Seth Hardy
4th Notacon Rules rltvty

Video / Animation

1st EHOH jonsatrom
2nd my shitty video rltvty
3rd In Search of: Jason Scott HeLurks Productions

Oldskool Demo

1st Le Requiem de Lisa cmucc
2nd Art Where? krüe

Oldskool Music

1st keepin’ it fake phoenix / dc5
2nd Great Morfulations Inspired Chaos/BLERX


1st Solar Cell Blueghost / The Bad Sector
2nd 4006 Herman Samso / BITS
3rd Too little Too late Rulebenders
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