Feb 012012

Where Have All the Pixels Gone?CMU Computer club (2012)

Compo Rules

  • This is a combined new shool and oldskool demo category.
  • Remote entries are permitted in this category.
  • Deadline for entries is Saturday, April 12th, 5:00 PM Eastern
  • Machine specifications will be announced prior to the competition.  If your entry requires a different platform or configuration, you must either provide it or make arrangements with the PixelJam organizers prior to the event.
  • Oldskool entries are permitted and encouraged.  However, if vintage hardware is required, it must be provided by the entrant at the event.  Likewise, video and audio output should attempt to conform to some standard compatible with the competition video projector and audio.   If your entry will require other arrangements, please inform the PixelJam organizers.
  • Non-oldskool entries should support a resolution of 640×480 (4:3), 800×600 (4:3), 1024×768(4:3) or 1920×1080(16:9) at 60 Hz.
  • If an entries requires DOSBox, the latest version at the time of PixelJam will be used.  Please inform the PixelJam organizers if your entry requires DOSBox
  • Maximum run time is 10 minutes.
  • Maximum size of all program components will be 32MB (33,554,432 bytes) uncompressed.  This does not include any fonts, libraries or DLLs that come standard on the competition platform.
  • The user must be able to exit the demo at any time when the escape (or similar) key is pressed.
  • No user input should be required beyond an optional initial configuration dialog which should provide sensible defaults for the competition platform.
  • All demo entries must be self contained:
    • An executable file that starts the program
    • Associated support files submitted in the same ZIP.
  • No entry shall require network or Internet access, system registry access or file system access (other than to its own directory).
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