Apr 032013


2013 PixelJam compos announced!
2013 PixelJam compos include:

Combined Demo,

Freestyle Graphics,

Freestyle Music,

Glitch / Artware,

Minecraft Design,

Textmode Graphics and


 PIXELJAM: interfering && improvising with the smallest addressable elements in displays and devices!
PIXELJAM: an INTERNATIONAL demoscene PARTY && glitchscene EVENT!

Art Where? – krüe (2011)

PixelJam is a new take on the traditional North American demoparty.  Our goal is to provide a place where coders, creators, musicians, artists can express themselves and showcase their talents.

CMUCC finalizing their Apple Lisa demo (Photo by Robert Bernardo)

PixelJam is a distinct entity within the Notacon arts and technology conference, created to support, expand and transform the demoscene.   As PixelJam is an integral part of Notacon, participants of one event are also participants in the other.

Combined Notacon and PixelJam attendance generally hovers around 400 people with an event space of over 15,000 square feet.  A large and distinct PixelJam lounge space is available all weekend.  This space includes a  high quality 1080p projector and high end audio system, as well as plenty of space and power for creators to set up camp and work.  Those who are unable to attend the event are encouraged to send in remote entries, where allowed.   Remember, though, only winners at the event can receive prizes!

Since this is an event for the scene, your entries and support will make it a success.  Have a suggestion?  Let us know.  Everyone involved with PixelJam looks forward to seeing you!

PixelJam site background image is the work of mnml vga dweomerkrafters mark beasleyalex inglizian, and tamas kemenczy AKA Arcanebolt!

Apr 152012

Textmode Graphics

1st 70pts Exploding Galaxy – krue
2nd 60pts Sssssss. – Inspired Chaos
3rd 38pts Taste the Rainbow – Duh

Freestyle Music

1st 84pts pixeljamjam1 – coda
2nd 76pts pxl8 – glacial23

Freestyle Graphics

1st 78pts untitled590 – prince / the Obsessed Maniacs
2nd 71pts Morphine Youth – Forcer/DESiRE^TRSi
3st 58pts Letters from Noa – CONS^Onslaught^TRSi
4th 53pts Overlords – Tom Estes
5th 43pts SVN-Elephant – grip/pixelmagic

Glitch / Artware

1st 47pts h-lh-l – dave musgrave
2nd 44pts SNObound – Evan Kühl & Ben Baker-Smith
3rd 40pts Black Sunday – SCHULTZ
4th 35pts 041412 – Morgan Higby-Flowers
5th 19pts ec77ce – osvaldo cibils


1st 93pts Drift – krue & brutal deluxe
2nd 51pts To Space – echo & globber
DQed Notacon Radio – Salsa or something

Combined Demo

1st 102pts Where Have All the Pixels Gone? – CMU Computer club
2nd 77pts Demon Blood – Youth Uprising
3rd 76pts compo.filler – vrtx
4th 68pts das experiment – fresh!mindworkz
5th 56pts Neurohacking Vector #1: Epilepsy – RDE
6th 35pts BITS 4001 – Herman Samso of BITS
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Apr 062012

A whole slew of announcements to make:

  1. The rules for the newGame++ and Glitch / Artware categories are finalized.
  2. Remote submissions are open along with our partymeister system located conveniently at: party.pixelj.am
  3. More awesome prizes!

Get your submissions in now!  Remember, the deadline for remote submissions is Thursday, April 12th, 2012 7:00 PM EST.

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Feb 282012

The great people at ThinkGeek are now sponsors of PixelJam!  They are providing two gift certificates totaling $150 for the top winners of the Video Game compo.  In addition, they will be providing additional prizes, bags and other gadgets to be given away in other compos.

Thanks, ThinkGeek!

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Feb 222012

We are excited that Mindcandy has agreed to provide the brand new Mindacandy 3 blu-ray for the top 3 winners in the Combined Demo category at PixelJam!

Their work is a labor of love and a great way to introduce the demoscene to people not familiar with it.  It’s also a great resource if you don’t have time to sit on pouet all day.  If you want the best of the best, check out Mindcandy!

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Apr 182011

Sorry for not posting them sooner, but here are the winners and rankings for the inaugural PixelJam!


1st SpinTree Inspired Chaos/BLERX
2nd Feed me rltvty
3rd Shopping Accident jellyd
4tj I’m too sexy for this Con! tod
5th mmmmm comfy cleavage… the_kat

Freestyle Graphics

1st Fluted Wall, Capital Reef NP, Utah rltvty
2nd Resistance krüe


1st Ancient Ruins (Musical Notacon Badge) Luis Gonzalez & Blue Reverberance
2nd The BLERX BLOrgan and Pixel Jammer BLERX
3rd PK4A Seth Hardy
4th Notacon Rules rltvty

Video / Animation

1st EHOH jonsatrom
2nd my shitty video rltvty
3rd In Search of: Jason Scott HeLurks Productions

Oldskool Demo

1st Le Requiem de Lisa cmucc
2nd Art Where? krüe

Oldskool Music

1st keepin’ it fake phoenix / dc5
2nd Great Morfulations Inspired Chaos/BLERX


1st Solar Cell Blueghost / The Bad Sector
2nd 4006 Herman Samso / BITS
3rd Too little Too late Rulebenders
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