PixelJam runs concurrently with Notacon April 10th through the 13th, 2014 in Cleveland Ohio.

Partymeister is working!  Submit your entries to party.pixelj.am

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PixelJam is a new take on the traditional North American demoparty.  Our goal is to provide a place where coders, creators, musicians, artists can express themselves and showcase their talents.

CMUCC finalizing their Apple Lisa demo (Photo by Robert Bernardo)

PixelJam is a distinct entity within the Notacon arts and technology conference, created to support, expand and transform the demoscene.   As PixelJam is an integral part of Notacon, participants of one event are also participants in the other.

Combined Notacon and PixelJam attendance generally hovers around 400 people with an event space of over 15,000 square feet.  A large and distinct PixelJam lounge space is available all weekend.  This space includes a  high quality 1080p projector and high end audio system, as well as plenty of space and power for creators to set up camp and work.  Those who are unable to attend the event are encouraged to send in remote entries, where allowed.   Remember, though, only winners at the event can receive prizes!

Since this is an event for the scene, your entries and support will make it a success.  Have a suggestion?  Let us know.  Everyone involved with PixelJam looks forward to seeing you!


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